Värmek-Sinfra / FVU | Stockholm, Sweden

Sinfra is a procurement association owned by its members, therefore covering almost the entire Swedish energy sector. Sinfras objective is to procure technology, and services on behalf of its members.
FVUab is our subsidiary with objectives to obtain and evaluate innovations. The full scale tests that FVU initiates aim to bring new and innovative technology to the frame works that Sinfra procures.

National procurement associations within the conservative utility sector are not a common concept in other countries. But the interest of Sinfra and FVU, as a catalyzer for retrieving new technology to the Swedish market has been noticed internationally.
The procurement process that Sinfra conduct can also be made into international frame works. Thanks to cross border frame works, municipalities in Europe could benefit from knowledge in other countries. It’s a simple way of acquiring know-how about district heating technology and thus making DH more competitive and increasing the chances of getting more DH in Place all over Europe.

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