Meet the Jury

The GDECA evaluation panel comprises experienced DHC leaders from business, academia, non-profit, finance and more, ensuring that each application will be thoroughly evaluated from a wide range of independent perspectives, and at the highest standards.

The Global District Energy Climate Awards submissions will be reviewed by an international panel of experts including the International Energy Agency (IEA), UN Environment Programme, Euroheat & Power, International District Energy Association (IDEA), Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA), and is chaired by the IEA DHC Technology Collaboration Programme.



Dr. Robin Wiltshire


Robin Wiltshire worked for 20 years at BRE, specialising in CHP and District Heating, participating in many of the initiatives which have led to the resurgence of DH in the UK. Leaving in 2015, he now works freelance with his own company Heatmatters Ltd, and also invests time with the younger generation teaching at an International School.

Members of the panel:



Chiara works as Energy Analyst and Modeler at the International Energy Agency, focusing on buildings technologies and policies. She leads the work on district heating and is the desk officer for the District Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA DHC TCP). Previously she was working as a research fellow in Politecnico di Torino.


EHP - Euroheat & Power

Aurélie is the Managing Director of Euroheat & Power. She has over a decade of experience in political strategy, advocacy and EU energy & climate policies. Aurélie previously held the position of Deputy CEO and Policy Director of SolarPower Europe from 2017 to 2021. She headed the European Affairs department of the French Union of Electricity from 2012 to 2017.



Mikael is President of Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA). He has over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, with focus on District Energy and Thermal Power. For the past 15 years, Mikael has lived in Asia (Beijing, Nanjing and Bangkok), working as District Energy advisor and specialist to government agencies, investors, utilities, and solution providers.

Rob Thornton

IDEA, International District Energy Association

Serve as President & CEO of International District Energy Association where he focuses on energy and environmental policy advocacy for district energy/CHP and microgrid industry.

Zhuolun Chen

District Energy in Cities Initiative, UN Environment

Dr. Zhuolun Chen has been working as a technical expert on district energy system under the District Energy Initiative of UN Environment under the UN platform of Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) since 2017. He works as a major technical expert to develop high-efficient district energy projects with suitable technical solution and business models in developing countries, including China, India, Malaysia, Egypt etc., and contributes to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program.

Alexander Sharabaroff

Alexander Sharabaroff

International Finance Corporation

Alexander is a Senior Energy Specialist with International Finance Corporation (IFC). He has over 18 years of experience in energy-related investment and advisory projects with a focus on climate-friendly district heating and cooling solutions. In addition Alexander works on industrial decarbonization of the hard-to-abate sectors. His geographic experience covers emerging markets in Europe, Central, South and East Asia, and Latin America.

Michael Wiggin

Michael Wiggin

The Boltzmann Institute, Canada 

Michael has been involved in various aspects of district energy and sustainable community energy solutions for over 30 years. He has focused on the development of district energy technology in Canada and, while with Natural Resources Canada, was involved in many projects in all parts of the country. He currently works for The Boltzmann Institute, a newly found NGO with a focus on implementable and least societal cost options for net zero GHG emissions.

Herkko Lehdonvirta

CHP DH Specialist, Freelancer Consultant

Herkko has over 40 years of international experience in energy industry management, technical design and financing. He has participated in CHP DH projects and renewable energy business in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Currently Herkko is an Investment Committee member in two international energy investment funds as well as carries out advisory work e.g. for the WB on CHP DH renovation.