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Eligible applicants include owners, operators, communities and organizations served by a District Energy system.  Finalists are selected from those who best articulate their ambition and aspirations for District Energy performance improvements. 

Applications are now closed.

Awards Categories

The award categories have been defined by the Chairman (Dr. Robin Wiltshire) and have been approved by the evaluation panel.

Applicants could submit their entries to one the following categories:

New Scheme


Reflects the ambition and aspiration of a new District Energy system and those organisations that have an exciting vision, and which have achieved a high level of energy efficiency through a District Energy system.


This category is available to systems which are in operation for a maximum of three (3) years and which are demonstrably operational and have the potential to demonstrate a positive energy performance over at least the next 10 years.

Modernisation and/or Expansion


Recognises the District Energy system that had the most positive impact in terms of effectiveness and efficiency after implementing the modernisation and/or expansion. Aspects of modernisation may be technical, managerial, or operational. Expansion can target a new area or sector.


Available to systems which have been in operation for at least five (5) years. Start of operation will be determined by the date of continuous service to the first customer or facility. The modernisation/expansion must have been initiated within the last five (5) years and be in operation for at least six (6) months.

Sector Coupling


Projects that demonstrate the technical integration and the synergies achieved between thermal energy systems and electricity systems may be recognized under the “Sector Coupling” category.


The system being preferably in operation or at least under construction with a set commercial operation date.

Emerging District Energy market


Highlights the successful implementation of a District Energy system in a country that does not yet have an established District Energy market.


The system must be demonstrably operational and based in an emerging District Energy market.

District Energy in Developing Countries


This category is specifically for district energy systems that have been successfully implemented in developing countries which have no established district energy market, where both pressure on finance and environmental issues can be acute.


The system must be demonstrably operational and based in an emerging economy.

‘Out of the Box’


Entry to this category is an option for those organisations carrying out initiatives which do not fit in any of the other categories listed for the Global District Energy Climate Awards, but show evidence of significant innovation in the District Energy sector.


The category is open to any project or system not entering in the other categories listed that has demonstrated a significant technological, commercial or financial advance either in the technology of District Energy, in any related systems, the physical or commercial application or the innovation of the financial structures that underpin the development/project or offering.

There will be one (1) award per ten (10) eligible applications in each of the categories.

Application Procedure


Eligible applicants include owners, operators, communities and organisations served by a District Energy system.  Finalists will be selected from those who best articulate their ambition and aspirations for District Energy performance improvements.

Applications can be submitted within one of the above mentioned categories.

The award serves to:

  • Identify and recognize systems that illustrate the overall importance of district energy (heating & cooling) in providing sustainable energy solutions.
  • Provide a global benchmark for environmental excellence.
  • Offer a platform for sharing successful ideas and efforts and encourage further interest in district energy.

Benefits to winners:

  • International accolade and recognition at an awards ceremony.
  • A letter/certificate from the International Energy Agency informing the community’s mayor, president or city council or university or other designated individuals about the award.
  • An attractive award dated and inscribed with the supporters and organisers logos, for display.
  • Positive media attention and global press release highlighting the benefits of the system to the local community, as well as the prestige of the award.
  • A presentation featuring all highly rated submittals and award recipients in a dedicated section on the award website, plus coverage and inclusion in a feature article in Euroheat & Power.


Applications can be submitted by owners, operators, or communities served by the system. Candidate systems shall submit the following information via the online tool.

The applicant will also be able to choose secondary category (optional), which could also apply to the case. The evaluation panel reserves the right to change the entry category if in their view there is a more appropriate one.

To view the PDF indicating the exact questions asked in the application process click here.

If you don’t have an account on the Euroheat & Power website, you will be asked to register first. Your contact information will only be used for the purposes of the Global District Energy Climate Awards.


a. Concept, weight 15%: The WHY. The winning district energy system should be a best-in-class example in its category. Applicants should focus on highlighting elements of originality that will drive change towards the clean energy transition.

b. Implementation, weight 20%: The HOW. Applicants should elaborate on how the concept is translated into action. All actions and technical details of the system should be clearly described and show the feasibility of implementation. Applications should specify the needed investment. In addition to technical strategies to facilitate implementation, the jury will also assess innovative financing or contract agreements that might encourage implementation and accelerated deployment.

c. Impact, weight 20%: WHAT was achieved. The winning system should have a significant and measurable decarbonisation impact. The relevant impacts will be assessed in relation to the size of your project/system and to the evidence you provide. 

d. Innovation, weight 20%: Either technical, operational or business practice.

e. Replicability, weight 15%: Replicability potential.

f. Additional information, weight 10%: The overall structure of the application and completeness of the information provided, etc.

By submitting the application, candidate authorises the organising team to copy, publish, post, publicise, promote and use all the information and materials provided without restriction and with full copyright.

How to apply

Applications for #23GDECA run from beginning of March to end of May.