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Global District Energy Climate Awards

Energy is vital to the functioning of our societies. We need solutions that make it possible to combine strong economic growth with a low environmental impact and customer convenience.

District Energy Is The Key!

Its infrastructure enables significant carbon footprint reductions by allowing cities to harvest the potential of renewable energies and surplus heat that would otherwise go to waste!


Ceremony & Event

The GDECA celebrate sustainable district energy solutions in our communities and cities!

The award ceremony took place during the Euroheat & Power Summit on 14-15 November 2023 at Sparks Meeting in Brussels. At the dawn of a new European political mandate, the event shed light on the key pillars of a successful, and ambitious European heating & cooling decarbonisation action plan.

Missed the opportunity to witness the groundbreaking innovations showcased at the 8th Global District Energy Climate Awards ceremony in Brussels last November? No worries! You can check the recording of the webinar “State-of-the-art District Energy” on 31 January 2024 here.

This webinar presented an opportunity to hear about the most innovative district energy projects worldwide, featuring the winners announced during the Euroheat & Power Summit. Whether you’re an industry professional, an enthusiast, or an innovator seeking inspiration, this event showcased insightful presentations and gave the chance to engage directly with people behind these remarkable initiatives. 

Awarding The World's Leading Sustainable District Energy Solutions!

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