Sakarinmäki Hybrid Heating System | Helsinki, Finland

Sakarinmäki Hybrid Heating System | Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish energy utility Helen Ltd has carried out a renewable energy pilot on the Sakarinmäki School Centre located in Helsinki in cooperation with the teachers and pupils of the school.

During the course of the project, sustainable energy solutions in terms of the environment and climate have become part of the schoolchildren’s everyday life and lessons. Feedback from the pupils, teachers and parents has been extremely positive. When learning about the heating system of their own school, the pupils grow to understand the factors that have an impact on energy consumption and how energy can be produced and used in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. This project also highlights the innovativeness and excellence of Finnish educational system, which is highly valued around the world.

Helen built a hybrid heating system based on renewable energy sources to replace the old fossil oil heating system in Sakarinmäki. The new system consists of ground source and solar heat, as well as bio oil combustion and heat storage. The heating energy needed by the school is produced by completely renewable energy sources. At the same time, the carbon dioxide emissions of heating have fallen to zero. The energy efficiency of heat production plays a key part in a distributed hybrid system.

The hybrid heating system in Sakarinmäki is a concept that can be replicated and utilised also in other residential areas.

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