Innovative District Cooling Cycle Network | Växjö, Sweden

The district cooling network in Växjö is designed in order to increase the efficiency and be able to run the production in an economical beneficial way.

Växjö Energi AB is using district cooling return temperature for cooling two computer server centers and heating a soccer stadium. Furthermore, a new innovative system is developed for the district cooling network. To make the system even more efficient and environmental friendly, and utilize the already produced energy even more in the cooling recycling system.
The district cooling network in Växjö is developed to be flexible, energy efficient and with high availability. The construction of the district cooling system provides a versatile production strategy and enables more potential customers to connect to the grid. VEAB recommend other district cooling producing companies to have different production techniques integrated in one district cooling network, which enable control of the production technique with respect to the electric price. Additional recommendation is to look for more opportunities of using district cooling return and the same energy in order to get a stable return temperature.

Summary Innovative District Cooling Cycle Network View

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