Hengqin Combined Cooling, Heating, Power System | Hengqin,China

Hengqin Island is located in the south of Zhuhai City, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It covers an area of 106.46 square kilometers and is the largest island in Zhuhai City. Hengqin Island is the only place in the mainland of China that connects Hong Kong and Macao with roads and Bridges Hengqin CCHP project consists of 1 gas power plant and 10 energy stations.Two 9F class (390MW) units of the gas-fired power plant project have been put into operation in November 2014.The planned cooling area of 10 energy stations is about 20 million square meters, the installed capacity is more than 450,000 cold tons, the planned cold (hot) water pipe network is 120 kilometers, and the total investment is about 5 billion yuan. After completion, it will become the largest regional cooling project in the world. Through energy cascade utilization, regional cooling and ice cold storage energy technology, the primary energy utilization rate is over 73%, which can reduce the electricity consumption for cold source electric refrigeration by about 400 million kWh/ year, and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by 1.68 million tons/year, sulfur dioxide by 35.5 million tons/year and nitrogen oxide by 32.16 million tons/year.The loss of floating water used to replenish the cooling tower is saved about 1.15 million tons/year, which effectively reduces the energy consumption per unit GDP and ensures the sustainable development of energy consumption and production.