Qatar District Cooling Company ‘Qatar Cool’ | West Bay, Qatar

Qatar Cool is one of the leading district cooling company in the Middle East. Since 2003, we have aimed to deliver world class products and services, underpinned by excellence in our knowledge base; both technical and operational, excellence and innovation in our facilities, and highly skilled staff.
Qatar Cool is currently the leading commercial provider of district cooling services in Qatar, with three operational cooling plants and one under construction, three of which located in the West Bay district and the largest district cooling plant in the world located in the Pearl Qatar.
Qatar Cool is entirely committed to meeting our clients’ needs with solutions of the highest quality that will yield the best possible results, in the most competitive manner. Earning and retaining our clients’ trust is at the core of our practices; from planning, to execution, to delivery, to maintenance.
We believe that contributing to the creation of a brighter future for Qatar is a responsibility. As one of the companies engaged in the creation of Qatar’s infrastructure for the 2030 vision; Qatar Cool has utilized vast resources in preparation to meet the needs of a growing country. We also contribute in the improvement of our environment by providing a service that, to this day, has been responsible for reducing over 600 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Summary ‘Qatar Cool’  West Bay View

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