Fully mounted and energy saving substations | Bordeaux, France

The Bordeaux-Euratlantic project was launched in 2014 and aims to develop the Bordeaux metropolis around a European position.

This development involves an extension of the residential (1 million m²) and non-residential (1 million m²) housing stock over a total area of 738 hectares.

In addition, the Bordeaux-Euratlantic project combines a major development of railway infrastructure which will transform Bordeaux into a crossroads of south-west Europe, including the extension of the high-speed train line: Paris-Bordeaux (2h10), as well as the construction of the line Bordeaux-Bilbao (1h50).

To provide the right comfort, the City of Bordeaux is utilizing fully mounted and energy saving substations equipped with DANFOSS controls, heat transfer and monitoring components (AV/AF-QM, MPHE Heat Exchanger, MBT, MBS, etc.)
This new heating network will therefore be able to supply this new district. The network will use 90% renewable energy and recovery.
In practice, the network will be supplied with more than 90% of energy from household waste.
A natural gas boiler will make up the remaining 10%.

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