Fortum CHP Plant | Zabrze, Silesia Region, Poland

Fortum Combined Heat and Power Plant | Zabrze, Poland

The new CHP plant in Zabrze is the largest Fortum project in Poland to date. It was put into use in 2018. Thanks to the application of highly efficient technology of power and heat generation using renewable fuels, the plant has a positive impact on air quality in the region of Upper Silesia and contributes to the implementation of the assumptions of the climate package. The modern plant supplies nearly 70,000 households with district heat in Zabrze and Bytom and ensures safe and environmentally friendly energy supplies for the inhabitants over the next decades. Zabrze CHP produces heat and power in cogeneration. The state-of-the-art multi-fuel boiler is powered mainly by coal and alternative fuel (RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel) with the possibility of biomass combustion and a mix of these three fuels. The amount of RDF used may reach up to 50% of the total fuel consumption. The plant replaced worn out coal-fired units, installed in Zabrze and Bytom, and significantly contributes to the reduction of CO2 and other emissions in the region. Fortum experts estimate that dust emissions has fallen by more than 11 times, sulphur dioxide by more than 7 times, and nitrogen oxides by almost 3 times. In total, more than 4,400 tonnes of steel and 19,000 m3 of concrete was used for the construction. The production capacity of the modern plant amounts to 225 MW in fuel. The expected annual heat production is 730 GWh.