Energy making machine from wastes | Tehran, Iran

Making energy by energy making machine and using wastes to make energy is in high rate of Energy Efficiency. Suppose you can cook your lunch by the produced energy by the domestic Machine as gas which is made by your wastes. There is no doubt using produced energy by waste is affordable because the thermal value of this gas is more than natural gas .The natural gas’s thermal value is 20500 Kj/m3 but produced gas’s thermal value is 25000 Kj/m3 .The other item is the produced gas would have almost one hour flame as gas stove flame per one kilogram of waste. So it makes high energy saving of fossil fuels in order to keep for posterity. Also the produced fertilizer’s price is more than 60 cent per kg to use for soil reinforcement through circular economy. So energy consumption management, waste management and waste separation at home are steps towards green economy by making energy ,reduction greenhouse gases emmissions and prevent global warming through sustainability and environmentally friendly. Making energy for positerys and waste crisis are two major problems which human try to solve Them. The importance of conserve energy and fossil energy run out and alternative energy that Prescribe, all is to start moving to global sustainability and development by this action that Is convenient and doable in any country in support of make great value in the pursuit of socioeconomic development to meets the needs of both current and future generations.