The Government Complex | Bangkok, Thailand

2021 Winner | DHC in Developing Countries

The Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty the King’s 80 th Birthday Anniversary, 5th December, B.E. 2550 (2007) | Bangkok, Thailand

The Government Complex and the district cooling system were mainly designed to respond to requirements of various occupant types including permanent, temporary, and special occupants. Architectural, interior, and engineering concepts of The Government Complex are designed to achieve ENERGY SAVING BUILDINGS WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE. The buildings must be able to save energy without compromising health and well-being of occupants. Due to integrated design concepts, The Government can reduce external heat gain which leads to lower energy consumption for the HVAC systems, reduce of anthropogenic heat which contributes to the greenhouse effect, and reduce electricity demand during on-peak period. In 2020, the project achieved environment and energy efficient targets including: -electricity consumption of 107,305.3 MWh, -electricity costs of 4.07 Million Baht and -CO2 emissions of 46,892.41 TonCO2. As the achievements in energy efficiency, environmental benefits, investment and management costs of the existing DCS, a new DCS will also be implemented for a future extension of the Government Complex called Zone C. The area consists of more than 660,000 sqm. GFA and will be supplied by chilled water from DCS. 

The Government Complex Thailand Diagram